Mission & Goals

The Dream
When American technology solves the riddle of Cancer, we would like to feel as if we were part of that solution. Please dream with us.

The Philosophy
Our fundraising philosophy has three primary components. First, we hate Cancer. We believe Cancer creates sorrow. Second, we believe pies in the face are quintessential of Americans and create laughter. Thirdly, we feel that combining the sorrow of Cancer with the laughter of pies in the face, unlimited sums of money can be generated. In Columbus, Ohio we have raised over $50,000 to help in the Fight Against Cancer.

. Raise money to eradicate Cancer
. Create an atmosphere for fun and fundraising
. Establish satellite pie parties at Galas, Golf Outings, Relays For Life and other functions to benefit the War on Cancer.

Tony Sobony

American Pie Party Mission Statement

The American Pie Party raises philanthropic support for cancer agencies by orchestrating an “environment of healing” through quintessential humor and the actual physical act of throwing a pie in the face of a willing participant.

Anyone, anytime, anywhere can host their own replicable Satellite Pie Party with 100% of the funds collected benefiting their chosen anti-cancer charity or your pro-people cancer agency, allowing cancer survivors the right to throw the pies.

Dedicated volunteers recruit celebrities, people who celebrate life, to organize auctions, raffles, golf outings, human checkers, or any other competitive events and to promote American Pie Party TAG.

Our objective is to raise funds and visibility for specific cancer affiliations.

Registered IRS 501(c)(3) number 14-1965062


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